AcuLift CIL System

Features And Benefits
  • AcuLift is designed around the simple yet innovative TBS Work Box design.
  • Patented handle system for the AcuLift Box measures the hand forces during dynamic lifting, with those forces correlated with digitized video of the lift
  • Can test any "Real World" floor or shoulder lift and a 25 foot carry
  • No rigid poles or platforms to get in the patient's way
  • AcuLift available in wireless option
  • AcuLift provides scientific data and objectively identifies the three critical elements of dynamic lifting: pain, effort and muscular overload
  • AcuLift is a safe method for determining a patient's proper lifting weight
  • Great educational tool for patients and is easy to understand
  • Easy for courts and employers to understand and makes a convincing medical-legal tool
  • Powerful marketing tool to add to any program
  • Ideal for portable FCEs
  • AcuLift is the ideal tool for assessing lifting in all Industrial Rehabilitation Programs- FCEs, Work Hardening, Pre-placement screening and patient education.
  • Accurate, Precise, and Factual : Patients can not fool AcuLift