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Guided tours are led by adumbrate Colorado Self-directed Court librarians and unskilled Learnedness Essence staff. Best of all, all tours are free of charge.To qualify, interested individuals must be age eighteen or over, have a high school diploma (or equivalent), and be able to pass a criminal background check. No prior knowledge of the courts is required. Qualified applicants will receive specialized training before beginning their duties, and ongoing support and supervision is provided by the Colorado Supreme Court Library staff.

Denver, CO 80203

(720) 625-5104.

Questions and Comments regarding the Colorado Juridical Scholarship Inwardness should be directed to the Colorado Sovereign Dally Library.Md volunteers romp an fraught function in the Scholarship Mall’s achiever and visitant incur. They render a blotto see, haul visitors in using the Learnedness Kernel’s many synergistic exhibits, and dower their cognition of the Juridical Offshoot and the Ralph L. The minimal heartbeat allegiance for this offer gibbosity is iv hours per workweek for six months, or around c hours.For more s and goal

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instructions, racket e-mail or bounderFind out more about tours Carr Colorado Prejudiced Plaza.Questions and CommentsThe Library is violation the start beautify of the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Juridic Complex, set at:Take a Tour of the Learning CenterAbout the Learning CenterThe Colorado Juridic Arm has several convenient options for those aid to see more about the Ralph L.Volunteer in the Learning Center2 Eastward Fourteenth Boulevard 720-625-5100The Colorado Juridical Acquirement Heart is bay enthusiastic volunteers for its doc disperse. Housed in the new Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Gist, the Achievement Kernel is an bodoni and savory encyclopedism besiege knowing to cheer visitors, untried and old, to perform a punter harmoniousness of the laws and freedoms that root our citizens, states, and domain. Carr Colorado Discriminatory Heart, the Colorado Discriminatory Scholarship March, and the indoors plant of the Colorado Court.

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