DOTSoft™ is a must for any Industrial Rehabilitation program. You can search and print a DOT Job Description in 1-2 minutes, and you can do this while you are interviewing the patient so the results can be discussed with them.

Features And Benefits
  • Over 12,700 Job titles and 21,300 with Alternate Job titles from the DOT Manual from the US Department of Labor are in DOTSoft™
  • DOT Soft also provides the DOT, SOC, and GOE Code numbers, the Physical Demand Classification and a host of other data, much of which is not supplied by the DOT Manual
  • FCESoft™, JobTask FCE™ and DOTSoft™ are all seamlessly integrated, allowing you to make your time more productive and profitable
  • Help Screens and a 60 page online Manual of Definitions is provided
  • DOT Soft can be purchased as a module to FCESoft™