DTMSoft™ is for Digital Tenderness Mapping, or algometry, that makes palpation for deep tenderness objective by validating organic and non-organic pain patterns of patients. DTMSoft™ allows you to palpate as fast as you wish, and accurately identifies four levels of tenderness.

Features And Benefits
  • Assigns a number for the patient's painful and non-painful areas
  • DTMSoft™ makes palpation for deep tenderness objective and is automatic
  • Helps differentiate patterns of deep tenderness that are consistent with a sincere patient from those produced by a Symptom/Disability Exaggerator
  • A special DTM Tip included with the software attaches to the ergoFET 500 Force Gauge or AcuForce Load Cell with both interfaces for testing
  • DMTSoft™ is a useful tool for tracking the progress of a patient in a Treatment or Rehab program and for validating organic and nonorganic pain patterns in FCEs and Work Conditioning programs