Equipment Packages

Quest Medical Group Equipment Packages

Quest Medical Group provides various Blankenship System equipment and software packages, to include customer-specific packages, that are designed to meet the individual needs of those providing the muscle and strength testing whether your program or clinic provides FCEs, POET, Work Hardening, Back-to-Work, Job Design, or Rehabilitation services, among other testing and measuring modalities. Quest Medical Group: The Pioneer and Gold-Standard for Muscle and Strength Testing, Measuring and Reporting. Court Tested. Client Approved. Find out for yourself!
The Quest TBS FCE Manual System is an inexpensive way to start expanding your practice, and grow into our other systems. For the budget conscious, the Quest TBS FCE Manual System’s components comes with everything needed to perform basic FCE evaluations, and allows practitioners to write reports on their own with the data collected.
The Quest TBS FCE Basic System is the perfect solution to make your practice more effective and more efficient. The basic system can provide a foundation, and as your practice grows, can be upgraded to meet demand.
The Quest TBS FCE Optimum System includes the full TBS FCE Software Suite, the system interface computerized evaluation system and all related equipment to provide full service FCE and related services.
The Quest TBS FCE Premier System is the ultimate in FCE Systems. It includes the full TBS FCE Software Suite, the system interface computerized evaluation system and equipment, and the leading-edge AcuLift™ CIL System for “real world” lift testing. AcuLift™ provides credibility that no other system can match, and provides powerful marketing opportunities for both FCE and Post Offer Screening programs.
We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Quest TBS systems can strengthen your musculoskeletal, industrial rehabilitation, or functional capacity evaluation program. We can tailor a system specifically for your needs.

Package Comparison

  • Hand Grip Dynamometer
  • B & L Pinch Grip Dynamometer Heart Rate Monitors
  • Omni 100 Static Lift Platform
  • The Lift Station II
  • Lifting Boxes Set
  • The SLED for Dynamic Push-Pull Testing
  • Purdue Pegboard for Fine Motor Skills Testing
  • The STEP
  • The Stacking CUBE
  • Steel Disc Weights- 230 lbs
  • Weight Cart for The SLED
  • Accessory Package
  • Laptop PC with FCE SoftLink™ and Static™
  • The Blankenship System FCE Certification
  • FCE Marketing Brochure
  • Ongoing Customer Service and Technical Support
  • 6 months Professional Support Included
  • 1 Year Warranty


The Manual Package contains all of the basic features listed above.


The Basic System upgrades you to the AcuGRIP Hand Grip Dynamometer and adds on:
  • AcuFORCE Dynamometer
  • MYOROM Interface
  • Laptop PC with FCE SoftLink™ and Static™


The Optimum Package upgrades you to the Omni 500 Static Lift Platform and adds on:
  • Full System Interface
  • One Hand Static Handle and Large Disc for Upper Extremity Patients
  • FCESoft™ Software
  • AcuPINCH Pinch Grip Dynamometer
  • AcuROM Spinal Inclinometer


The Optimum System contains all the great features of the other systems, and adds on the crucial AcuLift CIL System as well as a color notebook and printer.