MyoROM Interface

The MyoROM Interface is the optimal choice for smaller industrial rehab or FCE programs, orthopaedic evaluations, and any clinic or hospital performing musculoskeletal testing. MyoROM provides the three most common computerized assessment gauges for assessing most of your patient's functional deficits to objectively identify and document the specific strength and range of motion deficits. The MyoROM Interface is used with FCESoft, MyoTEST and other applicable Quest TBS software to produce easy-to-understand professional printed reports quickly and easily. The MyoROM Interface, combined with TBS software, provides objective documentation, establishes patient baseline status, quantifies medical impairment, provides documentation for insurance justification and legal cases, quantifies rehab progress or plateaus and increases income.

MyoROM Interface includes:
  • MyoROM Interface Box
  • AcuFORCE Load Cell (For Dynametric muscle testing, NIOSH and TBS Static Strength Test Postures, Sled and other push-pull force measurement testing)
  • Dynametric Muscle Testing Attachments
  • Static Strength Testing Attachments
  • AcuGRIP Hand Grip Dynamometer (For maximum, 5-position, rapid exchange hand grip (REG) tests, and hand grip fatigue test)
  • One Year Warranty
  • Optional equipment and software can be added to expand your functional evaluation and testing capabilities