MyoTest™ is the most popular and easy to use muscle testing software on the market today. It offers pre-set musculoskeletal testing protocols, as well as offers the capability to customize or design your own tests. Performing Dynametric muscle testing with MyoTest™ provides an ideal adjunct to Functional Capacity Evaluations and musculoskeletal evaluations.

Features And Benefits
  • Allows for keyboard input or direct computerized from the TBS System or MYOROM Interface, or ergoFET-500 Force Gauge
  • Instantly displays the test results so decisions can be made during testing
  • Auto-calculates Test Validity and Right-Left Strength deficits
  • Displays a sensitive Time-Force Curve when used with any of the TBS Interfaces or ergoFET-500 Force Gauge for feedback on patient's effort and the evaluator's technique
  • Shows patterns related to nerve roots and peripheral nerves
  • Automatic reports and graphic reports for showing patterns of weakness are produced
  • MyoTest™ can be used a stand-alone software or integrated as a module with FCESoft™