Quest provides the seminar courses, training and certification you need to perform Functional Capacity Evaluations confidently and objectively, backed by the research, reliability and validity demanded and needed in today's medical-legal environment.

This comprehensive training program provides the means for those seeking certification in the Quest TBS FCE Process, without the cost of travel and time away from clinic. The course is designed so that upon completion of the course, certification can be obtained through a written examination at your facility. Certified Evaluator status is also available for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and Kinesiologists.
The primary components of The Quest TBS FCE Certification Self Study Course are based on our 1-week FCE Certification Seminar, recorded on CD’s, and the Quest TBS FCE Procedure Manual. This 32-hour training program and accompanying manual represents the most current material, information and processes available, and includes the 4-hour Whole Body FCE, Upper Extremity FCE, and Job Specific FCE. The topics covered in the self study course are:
  • Introduction
  • Non Organic Signs
  • Symptom Exaggeration
  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation
  • Standing and Gait Assessment
  • Repetitive Movement Tests
  • Standard Whole Body Static Strength Tests
  • Job Specific Static Strength Testing
  • Material Handling – Infrequent & Occ. Frequent.
  • Hand Testing
  • Frequent Material Handling
  • Non Material Handling
  • Constant Material Handling
  • Post FCE
  • FCE Report
  • Upper Extremity and Video FCE
  • AcuLift
  • Comprehensive Training Materials
  • 4-Hour Whole Body FCE, Upper Extremity FCE and Job Specific FCE courses
  • Certified as Quest Blankenship Systems FCE Evaluators
  • Certified Evaluators qualify for FCESoftlink Membership
  • Contact hours are available for continuing education units
  • Eliminate travel costs and time away
  • An FCE Certified Assistant status for others working under an FCE Certified Evaluator (PTA, OTA, CA, AT’s and Exercise Physiologists) can also be obtained.
The certification obtained by our self study course is valid for 5 years (in some states less) so we have a Re-Certification course available at a lower cost to those who need to recertify. Please contact us at the number below to arrange for the re-certification examination, and to let us know if you need additional study materials